This is a trip for those who want to experience a little more adventure into the wilderness that Lofoten has to offer.

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Our guided tour takes in the world's strongest whirlpool – Moskenesstraumen – where the current ensures optimal biodiversity. We stop off at the island of Mosken and several other islands to observe sea eagles, golden eagles, puffins, northern gannets and razorbills. In addition, the humpbacks and orcas hunt for herring and mackerel. No guarantee, but we offer Lofoten's best opportunities to see the ocean's large mammals! We have a skilled and knowledgeable nature guide on board!

You choose whether you want to embark in Å or in Reine.

The tour goes along the steep mountainsides of Lofotodden National Park.

As we cross the world's largest whirlpool– the Moskenes Current – the chances of seeing the largest birds increase, sea eagles and sea owl.

When we pass the small islands of Høgholmen and Svarvan, you must have your camera ready, - here we slow down to ensure the best photo opportunities. The island of Mosken and Skittenskarven are effective obstacles to the whirlpool, resulting in a high level of biodiversity.

When the boat slows down, our nature guide will tell you about what we see and we think you'll get a surprise at how much you won't notice without their advice.

Along the way it is possible to buy a simple lunch together with soft drinks, beer and wine.

In Værøy you have several choices: You can explore the island independently on foot or upgrade to one of our rental bikes… Please note our rental bike numbers are limited.

A 25 min walk from the boat will take you to the starting point of the hike up to the famous Instagram point Håen. The hike up the mountain is 3.2 km and takes just over an hour. Remember to bring windproof clothing and water! There's nothing to buy up there. But in return the view!! It's priceless.

Værøy is the place in Nordland that creates the greatest value per inhabitant with a whopping NOK 1.5 million! for 700 people live here.

The bike tour takes in a local shopping area of Værøy where you will find a post office and shop like it was 100 years ago! Lots of nice photo details and great stories.

Afterwards, the trip continues to Nordlandet. A fantastic bike ride of 6 km. If you'd rather be left in Værøy on your own, that's fine, but remember the departure time!

Nordlandet is home to the island's main church from the 18th century. The first church was built here in the 15th century. We have a key to the church and can sit for a while and let our minds fly in a beautiful little church.

As a curiosity, the church was used as a polling station in the first parliament election in 1814.

Back to the boat and departure to Å and Reine.

We're slowing down for the big marine mammals! The kiosk onboard will be open.

  • Food available for purchase from our kiosk on board
  • Transportation (English speaking guide)
  • Max capacity: 145
  • Vessel: Aurora Explorer
  • Availability: 17.06 - 15.08
Duration: Round trip to Værøy 5 - 7 hours depending on where you go on board.
  • Adult: Kr. 695,-
  • Children under 12
    years: Kr. 350,-
  • Children under 3
    years: Free
Departure times:
  • Departure Å: 09.30 - Arrival Reine: 09.50
  • Departure Reine: 10.00 - Arrival Hamnøy: 10.20
  • Departure Hamnøy: 10.30 - Arrival Værøy: 12.00
  • Departure Værøy: 15.45 - Arrival Reine: 16.45
  • Departure Reine: 17.15 - Arrival Hamnøy: 17.20
  • Departure Hamnøy: 17.30 - Arrival Å: 18.00

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